Your Intro to Home GeoThermal Energy

You might have heard the term GeoThermal used recently in conversations about the environment and heating systems for the home. But if you’re still not clear about what it is or how it works, this introductory guide is for you. Learning more about it can help you decide if it’s a good fit for your home.

What Is GeoThermal Energy?

GeoThermal energy refers to heat generated from the Earth’s sub-surface. The word comprises “geo” (Earth) and “thermal” (heat). It has both heating and cooling purposes, yet there is so much more to this form of renewable energy.

It’s About More Than Just Heating

For example, did you know that GeoThermal energy can be used to provide clean electricity? Geothermal power plants exist across Europe, for example, to provide a backup if needed. This form of electricity has a minimal impact on the environment and is reliable too.

However, home systems don’t generate electricity. But, they do save energy in the home by providing an efficient system for heating and cooling the interior. They can also be used in office buildings.

How Does A GeoThermal Heat Pump Work?

Essentially, this heat pump system transfers heat from the ground to your house (and removes heat from your residence too). It features loops of underground pipes full of liquid, which hook up to the heat pump that is in your house.

These pipes can go down 4-6 inch diameter vertical wells. The exact measurement depends on the characteristics of the house, such as its location and size.

Why Do People Get A GeoThermal Heat Pump?

A big advantage of installing a GeoThermal heat pump system in your home is that it is significantly more efficient than a traditional heating system. Rather than burning heat to provide warmth, instead the GeoThermal one moves existing heat from one location to another.

Get It Done Right: A Pro Installer Is Necessary

This project is not one to do yourself. Instead, for the most efficiency, a home GeoThermal or GeoExchange heating system requires installation by a professional. A reputable installer understands the size and design of the system that’s best for your unique home and has both the proper tools and experience for the job.

More Benefits Of Having One In Your Home

Many homeowners like that a heat pump is not only efficient but it also low maintenance. Simply operate the system on an automatic fan setting on the thermostat; there are even special thermostats available that integrate heat pump functions.

To maintain it for the best performance possible is straightforward. Each month, for example, clean the filters and change them when needed. If the outdoor coils look dirty, then clean them too. Also ask a professional technician to check the system once a year for leaks or any other issues, as well as ensuring correct thermostat operation.

Having the system in your house will also improve its value. This feature is attractive to future home buyers.

Heat Pumps Work All Year-Round

The heat pump system is helpful throughout the year, not just in the wintertime, for climate control in the home. In winter, of course, it heats the interior.

As the ground always has at least a bit of heat, the heat pump can always supply heat to the house. Then, in spring and summer, the system can cool and dehumidify the home. Essentially, the pump pulls the warm air from your residence, puts it through the Earth loops, and deposits the air into the Earth.

Having comfortable air every month of the year sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Now it is a reality, thanks to the heat pump.

The Takeaway On Home GeoThermal Heat Pumps

Installing this type of system using a professional can provide your household with the most efficient system possible. The effects include reducing energy bills, which can save you significant money over time and also is kind to the environment.

The maintenance of this type of system is simple too, which saves you time and energy. Furthermore, you will have a ground-fed climate system that both heats and cools, which means it is usable throughout the year, not only in wintertime.

Finally, a home with improved efficiency does not require a complete renovation. Instead, consider getting a heat pump that can be installed professionally with ease and will pay you back over time with lower energy bills.

Are you thinking about a GeoThermal heat pump for your home? What are some other updates that you are considering doing right now in your household?

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