Friday’s Five: Wearing A Mask Shows Love

I don’t know how it happened, but I didn’t post Friday’s Five last week. It’s the fact, but it won’t happen today :). My Friday’s Five are here:

1. Masks With PM2.5 Filters

Unfortunately, Coronavirus doesn’t go anywhere and the cases are growing in whole world. I’m also very worried about my home country – Poland, but I keep all in prayers.

I would like people to really wear masks no matter what and I’m here to recommend you one brand – Hira. Their masks are designed and handcrafted in Canada. They are comfortable, breathable, adjustable and with extra protection of PM2.5 filters. PM2.5 filters are made of advanced materials similar to the N95 and KN95 masks. The lab tests show a properly fitted PM2.5 filtered mask can reduce airborne particulates by as much as 90%. With the double-ply 100% cotton fabric, the mask gives you a total of 7 layer protection. On top of that, they have really great designs so you really can express yourself :).

2. Hair Loss Sufferers

One product that is really great if you suffer from hair loss is Toppik. I use it now pretty often, because my postpartum hair loss is no joke. It helps you make your hair looks thicker and fuller instantly. Application is also very easy and fast, which I like the most! 🙂

3. Clean Beauty

I’ve recently discovered brand called Mad Hippie and I really like their products. Mostly because they all have clean ingredients. I currently use their facial oil and mascara. I really like that their mascara has a big brush, which I prefer more than the tiny, small ones.

4. Brows

I’m very picky when it comes to eyebrow pencils. Luckily, I’ve found BrowLuxe, which products have been created by brow expert and professional MUA, Giovanna Minenna. That right here tells you that you have a great product for your brows. I highly recommend the browluxe® Precision Brow Pencil. It is designed to be more precise and versatile than anything available today, in an inclusive shade range that will perfectly compliment each complexion and hair color combination – the way it should be, right? 🙂

5. Motherhood

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  1. Have a good day 🙂 Well, i had loss Hair too. I used to much hair color. Since 3 years i use no hair color anymore and my hair gets strong and long.

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