Friday’s Five: My Newest Clean Beauty Discovery

We made it! It’s Friday! 🙂

I cannot wait to sleep in a little bit this weekend, to be honest with you. On the weekends is when I can actually do it, because V can take care of Lily (since he’s home). They have lots of fun in the mornings on the weekends :). Another thing I’m looking forward to are the evenings, because we will have some popcorn, a cup of hot cocoa and we will watch a movie or two :). I’m curious now how your weekends look like :).

1. New Clean Beauty Discovery

I was so happy to find out about The Organic Skin Co. and I’m beyond happy to try their products and let you know that I already love their Task Force Nine, which is turmeric and calendula cream. First of all, it smells very delicious 🙂 and has 9 active natural ingredients. I usually put it on inn the morning and I love how moisturizing it is, but yet not oily. And that is very hard to find (at least for me).

Almost forgot, what I have to mention is that not only the inside of the products are great, but also the packing is very pretty. Some are made of glass and bamboo only – love!

2. Being Comfy And Having The Support You Need

I’m pretty sure that I’ve already said many times, but I’ll say it again: I love being comfortable while working from home. That being said, the new collection of WonderBraNew Wave is something I’m very fond of. It is modern, simple, extremely comfortable and effortless!

3. Electrolyte & Amino Drink Mix

I shared in my 6 Months Later… Postpartum & Lily’s Update that I got back to working out and doing yoga. The thing that I always do after my session, I drink this Niyama Yoga WellnessAfter Practice Replenish & Repair. I like the taste of it, it’s very refreshing and the benefits of all the ingredients, of course :). I highly recommend for you to try it after your workout, as well.

4. Satin Pillowcase

Have you heard about the brand: Kitsch? They have maaany hair products, but their pillowcases are worth checking out. I have the ivory one, but they have some other, very pretty colors and prints, take a look here. You hair will thank you, I’m sure of it!

5. Something Funny For The Beginning Of This Weekend

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  1. have you done a spread on some drug store skin care products that work for us girls on a budget.

    1. No, but that’s actually a great idea, thank you! I’ll try to do that asap 🙂🌸

  2. Ooh need to look into that organic beauty brand! I love clean beauty best of all. Also my weekends have been busy getting my new place together, spending it with family, and creating content!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful Fall season Ula!


    1. Thank you so much, I really am 😀🌺. Congratulations on your new place, that is so exciting 😀👍

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