Planting Trees In A Small Garden: Can It Be Done?

Owning a small garden means that you will need to choose the right size and shape of trees to plant in it. If you know me well, you know I love trees 🙂 so here are some things to consider:

1. Spread and Height – If you have limited space, you can consider a columnar tree that doesn’t spread that much. As for the height, you can check out small ornamental trees that don’t grow that tall. This will give you room for a deck chair, such as one from the The Best Adirondack Chair Company, and a small table.

2. Evergreen or deciduous – These tree types have their perks. If you are into autumn foliage colors, you should opt for deciduous trees. On the other hand, if you want to have the trees for small gardens that keep their leaves for the entire year, go for evergreens.

3. Season of interest – Do not forget to take into account the tree’s foliage, bark, fruit, or flowering time. It is recommended to opt for trees that carry their beauty throughout the seasons if you have a restricted area that can only accommodate one tree.

Top Small Trees For Tiny Gardens

If you have a garden that is limited in space, it might not make sense to plant a tree in there, right? Especially if you don’t want it to look too crowded. Huge trees can dwarf your tiny area, but there are actually smaller kinds that you can consider planting. Some of the bestselling trees for small garden that you can consider:

Columnar trees

  • Prunus Amanogawa
  • Malus Red Obelisk
  • Prunus Spire

Trees under 5m in height

  • Magnolia Stellata Jane Platt
  • Forest Pansy
  • Salix Exigua
  • Cornus Kousa Miss Satomi

Top flowering garden trees

  • Specific Magnolia species like Jade Lamp and Pink Beauty
  • Genista Aetnensis
  • Several types of Syringa Vulgaris, like Madame Lemoine and Primrose
  • Prunus Accolade
  • Weeping Silver Pear

FAQ About Planting Trees In Small Gardens

Is A Rowan Tree A Good Option?

Considered one of the most planted trees for tiny gardens, Rowan or mountain ash trees are best grown in soil that is moderately fertile, neutral, or acid. During autumn, Rowan trees bear butter-yellow berries. In spring, this tree bears beautiful white flowers, making it one of the top decorative trees. Rowans trees also prefer areas that are quite shaded or sunny.

What Tree Has A Small Root System?

Trees have different size root systems. While there are tons of small evergreen trees, a few of the most notable ones include the Acer palmatum (Japanese and laceleaf maple), Albizzia (mimosa), Cornus kousa and Cornus florida (dogwood), and Malus (crabapple). 

What Is The Best Tree To Plant Near A House?

Planting trees near your house is a great idea. The top trees you can plant include American elm trees, cottonwoods, poplars, Norway maples, silver maples, aspens, and willow trees. However, you should be careful when planting small trees that have shallow roots. On the other hand, a Japanese maple tree can be planted near your house without any risk whatsoever.

What Is The Best Apple Tree For A Small Garden?

The best option you got is the Maloni apple tree. This mini tree grows half the height of ordinary trees, best to grow in containers and is also bushy. The best thing about a Maloni apple tree is that it is known to produce scab free fruits. Plus, they have beautiful blossoms.

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