Having A Baby Is A Wakeup Call From Nature

A lot of future parents or new parents experience a wakeup call as they shop baby gear. Indeed, now is the time to make ethical and important choices that will influence the health of your family but also the future of the planet. We take more interest in labels, origins, and production than ever before. Nothing is too good for our babies.

Therefore, you probably have a list of baby products that are eco-friendly and cute. It’s essential for parents to bring a new life in the world with the utmost respect for Mother Nature. Consequently, you may find yourself considering products that are using recycled materials or biodegradable resources, for instance. In many ways, parenthood brings you closer to nature, and as such, you may experience an awakening of some sort. It’s time to change your habits and make the environment a priority. Here are some ideas to extend planet-friendly choices to your everyday lifestyle.

On top of all that, I really loved using hannahPADs postpartum, as well. Moms tend to use traditional pads, however, it is safer to use hannahPADS during postpartum to avoid irritation and allergic reaction (which traditional pads have chemicals inside them).

Choose Natural Skincare & Self-Care Products

The choice of skincare products for your baby is important. Babies have fragile skin and need natural and safe ingredients to moisturize and protect against common issues such as rashes. The same goes to you before buying a cream for yourself. It is worth to look at the ingredients and see if they are safe for you.

A while ago I also switched from disposable pads to hannahPAD, that offers eco-friendly reusable cloth pads. HannahPADs are sustainable and healthy. They are free from unwanted toxic chemicals, because they are made from unbleached and non-dyed organic cotton. By using them, you decrease your environmental footprint, which we all need to do more of. On top of that, these pads last up to 4 years, so you end up saving thousands of dollars!

Now having a daughter, I want to make sure that she will be smarter than I was while being a teenager and she’ll also choose hannahPADs. This will ensure me that she has no chemicals close to her body parts and the negative impact on the environment will be 0 :).

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Look For Conscious Fashion Brands

We have no excuse anymore to buy fast fashion items. A lot of parents are happy to search online and in specialized shops to find environmentally-friendly baby clothes. The same principle can apply to your wardrobe. Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of clothing brands that put the planet first and create cute outfits, even for adults.

Choose Local Veggies Over Exotic Ingredients

What is your favorite breakfast? If you’re one for pineapple smoothie, mango and yogurt bowl, or acai berry bowl, you may want to reconsider your choices. As healthy as these sound, there is a kinder alternative to the planet. Eating local and seasonal produce can dramatically reduce your impact on the environment. Indeed, when you buy exotic fruits and veggies, you encourage transportation, and therefore carbon emissions. On the other hand, choosing local ingredients gives you access to plenty of healthy produce that can be just as exciting. It is also an excellent way of getting your baby to discover a variety of flavors when preparing baby food for weaning. Local produce is higher in vitamins and nutrients, and full of goodness! So, next time you’re thinking about an acai berry bowl, think twice. You could start the day with local pears, nectarines, plums and cranberries instead!

Having a baby is the perfect occasion to question your lifestyle choices. As you choose natural and eco-friendly products over plastic and chemical ingredients for your baby, you can extend the same priorities to your everyday life. For new parents, the wakeup call is the opportunity to build a greener and kinder world.

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