Supporting Your Body During Exercise

The benefits of exercising are about more than simply losing weight. With untold physical health and mental health benefits, finding a way to exercise if possible is always going to benefit you.

However, there are many different reasons why someone might find it difficult to exercise or need more support. Knowing how best to support your body when exercising can help you enjoy the benefits working out can bring.

Supportive Products

Many supportive products in the market can help you support other parts of your body when you work out, from wearing foot orthotics to keeping your body and feet when walking, running, or playing sports to remove pain and wearing Kinesiology taping to alleviate pain and reduce discomfort. If your body is supported, you may find it easier to work out.

Use appropriate protection such as the correct footwear, shinpads, or back support to reduce the risk of injury when playing high contact or extreme sports or exercises.

Do The Right Exercise

If you are new to exercising, it pays to take your time and find out what works for you. Avoid pushing yourself too fast too soon; it will only chip away at your determination, especially if you aren’t doing exercise you enjoy.

Remember, not all exercise needs to be done in a gym. Instead, build up slowly and try a range of different activities to increase your time spent exercising. Think walking, hiking, dancing, sports, or outdoor activities such as rock climbing. Once you find what works for you and enjoy it, you can use this as your base to start and then add in different activities if required.

Use Correct Form

If you are joining a gym, don’t skip the induction appointment. Everyone who works out needs to know how to use the equipment properly not to injure themselves and gain maximum benefit.

You can do a lot of online research for the correct form for many different exercises if you aren’t taking instructor-led classes. This is especially important for weight training as you can seriously injure yourself if you have the incorrect form when lifting any weights, especially the heavier ones.

Work With A PT

Suppose you are concerned about working out safely and need assistance in the correct form or specific exercises for specific health conditions or illnesses. In that case, it can be beneficial to hire a PT. Personal trainers go through a lot of training to build up their knowledge and skills for exercising and helping clients reach optimal health. They may also have a more in-depth understanding of the correct exercises for health limitations or conditions. Once you have built your confidence up, you can choose to work alone or stick with your PT to improve your overall health and well-being, not just your physical health.

When exercising, you must pay attention to your body and listen to pain or fatigue cues to help you avoid causing excessive damage to your body.

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  1. I absolutely agree with this! Especially listening to your body. I know when I have a 6day work week, I usually tone down a bit to help with any fatigue. Great post!

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