Products I Got For My Baby Girl (Part IV)

I think and I hope that this will be the last post about the products I got for my baby girl without her being in the pictures :).

1. Tokki Goods

I was looking for a nice book, where I could record all the baby’s milestones. Finally, I’ve found “First Years” and I really like the layout of it and how simple it is.

2. Poppyseed Play

After seeing this adorable wooden gym, I knew this is something I would love to have for my little one. It is so well made with silicone beads and toys and of course, safe for children.

3. Precious Moments

I’ve already mentioned this company here, here and here. You know that I really like their products! 🙂 These two books are amazing: “Little Book Of God’s Love” & “Little Book Of Prayers“.

4. Mitteez

I like that this company offers only organic products for babies. This organic teething mitten is so cute, isn’t it? Also, their teething buddies & pacifier clips are very well made.

5. Fawn And Sage

Swaddles are the best for newborns and this company has many adorable ones. Unfortunately, the pattern I have is sold out, but they have others as adorable as the one in the picture.

6. Green Toys

If you are eco-concious, you need to know about this brand. All of their toys are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are also safe for children as there’s no BPA, phthalates or PVC and meet FDA food contact standards.

7. 8 a.m. Apparel

Great company that offers organic apparel. I must say that their clothes are really soft and with great patterns.

8. Baby by Biju

This brand has a variety of things for babies, especially cute outfits. I really like their little blankets that are super soft.

9. Hevea Planet

Again, if you care about our planet, this is a brand you should look into, as well. All of their products are made with non-toxic natural rubber that are biodegradable. I also love their glass bottles.

10. WavHello

The sound machine I was looking for my little with infant shusher and white noise tracks. Also, this handprint and footprint frame kit will “catch” the size of small and adorable feet and hands.

11. Paty Inc

This brand make all of their cute little outfits in the USA. They are really great quality and you can personalized them if you’d like to.

12. Bamboobino

Things made with bamboo are always a great choice, because they are soft, practical and least damaging. I really like this hooded towel and their baby socks.

13. ergoPouch

This brand offers great swaddles for sleeping time that are made with organic stretch cotton and breathable fibers. The one I have is here. They have 2-way zipper for easy nappy diaper change and I really like it!

14. Charlie Banana

I’m happy that I’ve found the company that makes organic cloth diapers. On top of that, their prints are super cute. I also got some of their organic cotton wipes, because this is something we will need, for sure.

15. Aleva Naturals

I really like their soothing diaper cream, because it doesn’t have harmful ingredients. Also, V & I looked into some disposable diapers and we are happy to know that these ones are natural and biodegradable.

16. Baby Octopi

The meaning behind their famous octopus is really amazing! “Each tentacle on the handcrafted crochet octopus is designed to mimic the feel of the life-giving umbilical cord that surrounds babies in the womb”. Also, their swaddle blanket (you can see above) is so precious that I’m thinking of hanging it on the wall :).

17. Stonz

These adorable baby booties for the little ones are really warm and comfortable to wear and easy to put on.

18. Dolce

I really cannot wait for all the new things my little girl will learn :). This owl will be clock to learn how to read time.

19. Dena

These pastels are great for psychomotor development. I also like that they are very safe and washable.

20. Lassig

This adorable hat will be great for summer. Their poncho is breathable and very soft on baby’s skin. It will be good for after the bath or when we go to the beach.

21. Copper Pearl

This brand offers variety of products for babies. Swaddle blanket, baby beanie, 3 layer blanket & burp cloths I got are all so pretty and the softest things ever.

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  1. Wonderful collection! You and V have done your parts to create an amazing welcome. Now it’s the little one’s job to make her entrance and to luxuriate in all these silken advantages.

    Who knows? Maybe one or two of these items will survive infancy’s journey, and the ensuing years, and they will have a deeply special meaning to your baby as she prepares for her own child. Perhaps one of them even will become a family heirloom, accumulating love as it’s handed through the generations.

    Oh, and in the more immediate sense, good luck!

    1. Thank you so much! We would like to keep majority of the things for her and her children 🙂👍.

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