Our Favorite Baby Feeding Products

When it comes to our children, we (as parents) always want what’s best for them. I am no exception with my daughter and I would love to share with you Lily and I’s favorite baby feeding products. They are, no doubt, one of the most important products your child uses. I say that, because plates, cups and spoons – these are the things that we use not only once, but a couple of times every day. That being said, it is crucial to make sure that they are good and safe for your baby.

Yooforea intends to give the purest love and care to babies from the design concepts, material selection and packaging to the products themselves and insists on eliminating any plastic and chemical components. Their feeding products are crafted by the highest grade of food-grade silicone and platinum cured silicone, and the baby bottles are opted to be crafted with durable borosilicate glass coated with the latest generation of medical-grade silicone. Their packaging uses eco-friendly paper and cardboard from the inside out, prevents the products from any chemical contamination, and ensures that absolutely no chemicals could possibly come into contact with food. Their founder, who is a Canadian mother, dives deep into the hygienic and functionality aspect of the products, addressing the common pain-points between mothers.

As mentioned above, Yooforea’s products are cured with platinum, which is more expensive, but the resulting silicone is purer and clearer. It does not contain any fillers or contaminants. On the other hand, silicone cured with peroxide (used by majority of companies with silicone products) is the most cost effective, but it requires fillers in the process and may contain contaminants, silmilar to plastic.

Another very important point I’d like to make here is about BPA- and BPS-free products. As you’ve probably noticed, we can often see “BPA-free” stamp on products. We do need to be careful though, because researchers reveal that BPS, which is most commonly used as BPA replacement, may be even more toxic than BPA. To ensure the highest level of safety, Yooforea ensures that their products are not only BPA-free, but also BPS-free.

Last, but not least, their products are made odorless through the process of putting the products in oven baked at temperature of 200 degrees Celsius for four hours, while the industry standard is for two hours. Adequate high temperature process would eliminate possible residues.

As you can see, Lily and I are truly fans of their spoons, because they’re also so soft and bigger (than the ones I used before) and, of course, made with better materials. Same goes for their bibs, cups, plates and bowls. What I also appreciate about Yooforea is their suction bottoms, which not all the companies are thinking of.

Last, but not least, with the Christmas coming, Yooforea’s sets would be perfect gifts for a mommy or a mommy-to-be in your life :). Their Baby Training Set and Baby Feeding Set are amazing for this occasion (and any other!) :).

Yooforea provides pure care and love for your little ones;

Beyond the industry standard, because every bite and sip matters.”

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