Easter Basket Ideas For Kids For Easter 2022

I’ve never done this before, but I know that majority of you celebrate Easter so here I have some fun, cute, big and small ideas that you can get for the little ones (around you) :).

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1. Lulla Doll by Roro – Lulla Doll & Outfit

This doll with the outfit of a bunny is a great idea for Easter, but not only, because you can also choose other cute outfits if you’d like. On top of that, “the unique and innovative Lulla doll has been called a miracle by parents all over the world”.

2. Little Poppy Co. – April Bows

Something that every little girl wants – a little bow in her hair :). You can also subscribe and receive their bows (whichever size you’d like) in the mail every month.

3. Precious Moments – You’re Some-Bunny Sweet Egg

This beautiful egg ornament is meticulously sculpted of bisque porcelain and is expertly hand painted. It makes a beautiful gift that lasts forever.

If you’re looking for something not fragile, this cute little lamb is just so adorable.

4. Pediped – Flex Jake White Floral

As long as you know the size, shoes are always a great gift. Pediped offers so many cute designs for spring/summer for boys and girls. They are made with genuine leather and breathable fabric. Their soles are always flexible – perfect for those small feet.

5. Wiwiurka – Rainbow Counting Set

This set will develop and improve the little ones’ fine motor skills and it is made with non-toxic materials. It is also perfect for learning and differentiating the colours of the rainbow, stack by size, count and identify distinct textures.

6. Mabel’s Labels – Personalized Hexagon Stickers

Who doesn’t need labels? Mabel’s Labels offers so many products for kids that need tags, stickers, labels, etc. (and more!). It’s a perfect gift and a fun small surprise that will make that lunchbox more personal and colourful (if you know what I mean) :).

7. Simply Kids – Innovative Soft Kids Elbow And Knee Pads With Bike Gloves

An amazing gift just in time for this spring and summer fun! These pads are protective, comfortable and flexible, plus they offer lots of cute designs to choose from.

8. Aura Kids – Affirmation Discs

“Positive affirmations are so powerful!” I couldn’t agree more with that statement and I do like these discs a lot, because they are made of 100% beech wood. They are safe, convenient and durable.

9. Raffia Kids – Carrement Beau – Flowers T-Shirt and Shorts Set Organic Cotton

Just like shoes, clothes are one of my favourite choices for gifts for my loved ones. This cute set made with organic cotton is perfect for spring and those summer days. Please know that you can also find many cute outfits for boys at this store, as well, (not only for girls).

10. Plain Jane – Crosstop Dress

Speaking of clothes, Plain Jane also offers the cutest clothes for kids made with modal and spandex, which you can probably imagine how soft they are. Lily & I love wearing them around the house.

11. Bblüv – Kübe: Musical Projection Night Light

This music box plays soft soothing music while projecting soft images on the ceiling to help lull baby to sleep. It can also help soothe baby back to sleep during naptime and throughout the night.

12. BiMoo – Easter – Coloring Tablecloth

Color and count eggs, animals to celebrate Easter! These tablecloths are so much fun, trust me on this one! 🙂

13. Our Generation – Deluxe Doll – Aryal

Our Generation 18inch dolls, clothes, accessories, books and more are something that every little girl would love! Aryal is all about the adventure. She has dark-brown eyes that open and close, long, wavy brown hair that’s fun to style, and is posable!

You can check this cute wicker gift basket to put all the goodies in before gifting it :).

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