How To Stage A Home For A Quick Sale

A well-stage home will likely sell for more money, as potential buyers can picture themselves residing there. Why pay a professional home stager thousands of dollars when you can do it for less? Here are some quick fixes you can take to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

1. Keep Rooms Fresh And Spotless

A spotless home conveys to potential buyers that you have maintained the property well. That said, the house should be thoroughly cleaned, including the floors, ceilings, and everything in between. A few potted plants can go a long way toward making your home feel inviting. As a tip, strategically space them, so your home doesn’t look cluttered. Eliminating scents is another approach to refreshing your home. Several options are available for eliminating bad odours, so keep this in mind.

2. Declutter and depersonalize 

When staging your home, you should start by decluttering since buyers can be easily distracted. Moreover, the rooms will also appear smaller and disorganized with lots of stuff lying around. You can start from the kitchen, clearing much surface area from shelving and tables. Remove all the family photos, mementos, and refrigerator art so potential buyers can see themselves living in your house. If possible, keep clothing concealed and ensure the restroom counters are clear. However, keep the hand soap for your potential buyers. You also want to put away all the toys and other items that are very sentimental or indicative of the current occupants of the property.

3. Invest in storage

Following decluttering, it will become obvious to invest in storage to ensure organization and cleanliness. You can put stuff you need but don’t necessarily want to see in baskets or inquire about the cost of self-storage if you need more space. Storage containers are great alternatives, so keep this in mind. You want potential buyers to think that the storage is more than sufficient and that the space can handle their belongings.

4. Define each space

Make it simple for any buyer to define each place, as most people struggle with visualization. Clean it out to give the area a single purpose, for example, if you use a room for storage and as a guest room. Remove any boxes, purchase a headboard with a simple design, clean the nightstands, and add table lamps for mood lighting if you want to market it as a guest bedroom. Prospective purchasers will feel welcome in the space because of these additions.

5. Improving lighting

Make use of the natural light when showcasing your house. You can open all blinds and drapes, so keep this in mind. You also want to turn on all lights and add fixtures in the closet and other areas that need them. This saves your potential buyers the stress of looking for light switches while giving your home a brighter, more welcoming ambiance. If you believe your current fixtures are in good condition, dust and clear off any dirt. Otherwise, it’s best to replace old or damaged lighting fixtures.

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