How Secure Is Your Apartment?

Compared to houses, apartments are often a lot more secure. However, there is still a threat of burglary and so it’s important to still take certain security measures. Below are a few questions that can help you to assess how secure your apartment is.

Is It A Ground Floor Apartment?

Ground floor apartments are much more likely to be broken into than upper storey apartments. Burglars can still easily access windows as they would with a house, so you need to make sure that your windows are secure.

Interior window locks are a great way to keep your windows secure. If you have a door that anyone can access, you should also make sure that this is secure (more about door security later on…).

Who Can Access The Apartment Block?

Some apartment blocks have free access to anyone via external stairs. Those with internal stairs are more likely to have restricted access – which could include a fob system, a keypad or in some luxurious cases even a manned reception desk.

When it comes to allowing visitors into the block, most blocks will have a buzzer that visitors can press. Occupants can then press a button to allow access. A voice intercom or an apartment callbox system with video is often used to confirm a visitor’s identity. Make sure that you are using this callbox system and not just allowing in anyone who buzzes without checking who they are.

How Secure Is Your Door?

If your apartment is quite old and the door looks quite worn, it’s possible that it may never have been replaced. Know when your door is getting worn so that you can ask to get it replaced.

There are so many features that you can add to a door to make it more secure. A video doorbell or spy hole can allow you to see who is on the other side before you answer. Installing exterior lighting can meanwhile put off burglars from trying to break in when it’s dark. You can also install a burglar alarm for extra security if you feel it is necessary.

Is Parking Secure?

If you own a car, consider where you park it. Some apartment occupants are lucky enough to have private off-road car parks or even private garages. Others may have no parking facilities whatsoever, which means parking somewhere on the curb (possibly out of sight from your home).

If your usual parking space is within sight of your apartment, you may be able to set up a camera to watch it. If not, make sure that you always park somewhere fairly well lit and exposed to reduce the risk of theft or vandalism.

Do You Have Insurance?

Taking out renters insurance for your apartment won’t prevent a burglary, but it could entitle you to compensation if one occurs. A landlord will usually pay for any damage as a result of a break-in, however may not cover contents – having your own insurance could allow you to pay for replacements of any personal belongings that are damaged or stolen during a break in. Such insurance is typically cheap for apartment owners and so is worth taking out.

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