Our First Beautiful Year Together 

It’s been 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks and 2 days, 366 days, 8784 hours, 527.040 minutes,  31.622.400 seconds and I wouldn’t change a thing! ❤

For this occasion, I’ve made a short video/ slideshow of our pictures taken through our first year together to our favorite song: Van Morrison “Someone like you”. Pictures we took in Toronto, Niagara Falls and Grand Bend, but also the ones taken spontaneously at home, which I like the most. The ones when we’re cooking together or just cuddling with a cup of cocoa ☺.

We celebrated our anniversary twice. Unexpectedly, because we planned it only the weekend before that we’ll go out to a restaurant. My love wanted to make a surprise and took me to one restarurant, but we would have to wait there 30mins to sit at the table so we decided to go to our Thai restaurant, where we’ve been already twice and once celebrating my birthday. It turned out that we had it all to ourselves, which was just perfect ☺.

At the actual weekend of our anniversary, my love wanted to celebrate it at home, get some food and have a candlelight dinner, of course, I was very into it. We got some Japanese food and have a wonderful time having it on the brand new plastic, very small table, which we bought the same day and you know what? My love said he’ll never throw it away and we’ll keep it somewhere, maybe in the kitchen, in our house in the future, so we’ll see it and remember it every day how we celebrated our first anniversary. I love his idea! ☺

During our candlelight dinner my boyfriend surprised me standing up and asking me to dance with him for our anniversary. He knows how much I love to dance and I was extremely happy he thought about it :).

As you can see it was all so simple, experiencing the simple Ula :D, as we both like :).

It was a wonderful time and unforgettable anniversary. We will never forget it! 😍

I need to tell you one thing, my boyfriend’s mom, when she first met me this year, said to him that I seem “like a simple girl”. Isn’t it perfect? I guess I made a good first impression :D. Of course, at that time she didn’t know anything about simpleula.com :D.

Christmas and New Year is around the corner and I can tell you that I like Christmas time so much this year and I really cannot wait the actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, because it’ll be the first Christmas and New Year’s Eve we’ll be spending together ❤☺.

I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2017! 🎄

Putting this post in the “Love” tab, I want to tell you:

Don’t ever lose hope that one day you’ll find the right person in your life,

no matter where and when it will happen! Just be patient!

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  1. I love that you found such a romantic partner. Not all men are by any means, or in touch with their emotions. Romance and romantic gestures are so important to keeping a relationship alive. I guess one key part of it though is for there to be communication and both people to consider the same gesture valuable/valid for it to be romantic/ for it to affect you. For example, if a guy buys his GF a ton of lingerie, shoes, nail polish, she may love it, or she might view it as being objectified, and the reactions of the couple depend as much on their communication as on the gesture itself. Thank you for following my blog on art, Ula, and best of success on your endeavors.

    1. Thank you so much girl and yes, I agree with you, but it also depends on everyone’s love language ☺🌹

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