Little Changes To Tame The Stress Beast

Relax, take it easy. Everyone has heard this line at least once in their life. The problem with it is that it is more easily said than done. The art of relaxation is difficult to master. In fact, that’s exactly why you can find meditation masters all over the place to teach you how to detach your mind from the daily worries. If you are a serious yoga fanatic, you’ve probably already mastered some of the meditation methods. Besides if you are truly into yoga, you probably don’t know what stress is about. But how do you deal with stress when you’re not a naturally calm person? Picture stress as a wild animal. All you need to do is to tame it, little by little to gain its trust and get closer until the wild animal turns into a soft kitten. You don’t need to be professionally trained as a circus tamer for it – even though it is quite a cool costume, you’ll have to admit. It’s just about introducing little changes that break the routine and throw the stress beast off balance.

Stress-free night


What Stress Does To Your Health

Stress affects both your physical and mental health. That’s the reason why the best way to develop stress resistance is to train your mind and your body to find a place of peace, as described in a previous article. People who are under pressure will suffer from a variety of complaints that are entirely stress-induced. Your eating habits can be dramatically transformed by stress, from eating far too much as a form of compensation to starving yourself as a punishment. Stress can steal your sleep away too, keeping you awake with unanswered questions and what ifs until the darkest hours of the night. You even bite your nails!

Taking Back Control With Necessary Changes

You need to help your body get the rest it needs. This means helping your brain to switch off, with a simple trick: Turn off the screens – TV, laptop, smartphone, and tablet – at least one hour before you decide to go to bed. What are you going to do then? Well, you can read a book, take a long bath, do your daily workout, etc. Preparing your bedroom is also a little change that can work wonders, especially if you invest in a new mattress, or in sweet bedsheets. It might sound silly at first, but getting the right sleeping conditions can make a great deal of difference when it comes to fighting stress for good. After all, you’ll feel stronger after a good night sleep!

A Kindness For Your Mind

Finally, introduce a soothing routine in your home, something that you can do when life gets too stressful. You can choose to rely on the scent of something you like, for instance, did you know that the smell of green apples could help you to get rid of a stress migraine? Lavender oil is another good tip to feel at peace with the world: It reduces anxiety dramatically!

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Scent aroma therapy


If you’re not one for smells, how about films? Watching your favorite comedies can help you create some feel-good routine. Don’t worry if you don’t know which to choose; this website has listed 115 modern comedies, for you. Surely that’s more than enough to take your mind off your sorrows. A tip for a great comedy night? Enjoy it with a cup of matcha latte, the perfect indulging treat after a hard night.

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  1. I needed this post…but also need to reread it til some of the changes become habit…. Beautiful post, 🌸

  2. Meditation and limit that screen time! Sleep doctor said many studies about screen time. They suggested 2 hours before bedtime cut off the screens.

  3. Good read. Good advice. Yes, stress slowly kills. Prayer helps me distress. When you understand life and what we can and cannot control, things make more sense. “Don’t sweat the small stuff — its all small stuff” #keepwriting

  4. Stress is the biggest cause of many diseases and other health problems! It is therefore important to keep as much stress under controle as possible, but it’s more difficult than said! Your tips can already help a lot of relief! It is a matter of balancing body and mind. That’s why meditation is appropriate … Or you can also listen to your favorite music, which also helps to relax … And also a good sleep is important so as you wrote it in your blog! Good blog, Well done!
    Best regards, Heidi

  5. This is amazing! Came at the perfect time because dealing with stress is a problem for me. I can meditate but I feel like I don’t always have time. Going to take some of the pointers about the bedtime routine and shutting off electronics an hour before bed

  6. The tips you listed are easy to use, by anyone, anytime – and yet people seldom think about things like that, letting the stress beast devour them from the inside…

    If I can add something to your list – buying a dog, cat, fish or other pet can also help. Animals tend to have a soothing effect on people, and carrying for your chosen pet takes your mind off negative and less productive thoughts, reducing stress 🙂

    I myself have been fighting the beast for years, with varying success.

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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