3 Ways Apps Can Make You More Prosperous and Successful

Mostly, when we think of phone apps, we tend to think about the apps which exist purely for our entertainment. You know, stuff like Facebook, Instagram, Angry Birds, and the thousands of different apps which exist to morph our photos, turn them into cartoons, let us know what we’d look like as members of the opposite sex, and all that good stuff.

The thing is, phone apps don’t just have to be an excuse for wasting your time in style. They can actually contribute to transforming your life for the better, depending on what your goals are, and on which apps you use.

People tend to have a lot of dreams. We want to get published as authors, we want to start our own businesses, we want to be healthy, attractive and fit, and we basically just want to live our lives to the fullest of our potential.

Here are some ways that phone apps can help you to achieve that.


Financial apps can help you to build your fortune directly

Money is a pretty big deal for almost everyone. Unless you’re one of the super-wealthy, super-frugal, or both combined, you want to do whatever you can within reason to make more money and waste less of it.

The thing is, the kind of financial awareness which I required for ideal money management is often hard to implement without help. It’s unlikely you’re going to collect ever receipt form all of your shopping trips, and itemize them in a big book when you get home, and then tally up how you can cut costs and spend more wisely in future.

Apps can make this process virtually effortless.

Acorns Stash or Betterment are apps that allow for easy, in some cases automated, investment.

YNAB is an app that makes budgeting a breeze.

Planning apps can help you to see the big picture and execute a flawless routine

We all have a million or so things we could do on any given day. A major part of what separates the successful from the unsuccessful, is that the successful know what the most important tasks are for them to focus on at any given time — and they actually focus on them.

Any number of planning, project management, and to-do apps can help you to stay on top of things in your life, ranging from sleek, simple apps like Microsoft To-Do, to team-project services like Trello.


Health and fitness apps can give you the vitality you’ve been craving

It’s very difficult to get the most possible enjoyment and productivity out of your life, if you aren’t also being mindful of your health, and of the ways in which your various habits affect your fitness, energy levels, and well-being.

If you’re constantly fatigued every day and feeling down, health and fitness apps can help to save you.

MyFitnessPal is an app that allows you to track your calories effortless and see whether you’re eating too little, or too much, of a given macronutrient.

Fitbit Coach is an anytime-any-place training app that can give you the push you need to workout regularly.


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  1. Useful tips! Especially the finance and budgeting app. Do you use YNAB? Have you used it long? I always find that I can use them for a while, but then I get lazy and fall off with tracking haha

    1. That’s true, but yes, it’s always better to not fall off with tracking 🙂👍🌹

  2. Oh, this is just what I needed! Turns out I don’t even know any of the apps you mentioned. But I’m interested in that fitness app and should try it out soon. It’s really amazing how some apps are dedicated to helping us grow. My favourite app still remains Todoist. 😂

    Lovely post, by the way.

  3. What a great post. It has really inspired me particularly on the health and fitness app… I need to start being more conscious on how many calories I am taking into my body. I’ve finally reached an ideal BMI and I want to keep it that way! Thanks for the enlightening post!

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