What Supplements My Husband And I Currently Take?

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I was always (together with my husband) buying supplements at the local health store, but sometimes it was difficult to find the time to go there and I’ve also found out that most of the products are much more expensive than buying them online. For some time now, I’ve been ordering our supplements (which I’ll mention below) from iHerb, which carries over 400 Nature’s Way products that can be shipped to over 160 countries and their customer service team provides support in 10 languages. For me the shopping experience was so convenient and they truly have a great service!


I’m not sure if you remember, but I’ve written the post about the good and healthy oils. I’ve mentioned there the MCT oil, as one of the healthiest ones to use. It has so many health benefits, it helps protect heart health, improves energy levels and mood, helps with weight loss or maintenance, supports digestion and nutrient absorption and has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. We use it mostly in our shakes, smoothies and salads, but I also add it to my baked goods, as well :).

One of the supplements, my love and I take every day is Vit. B-100 Complex with B2 Coenzyme. Vitamins B are super important for both men and women and nowadays, most of us are B vitamin deficient, especially if we don’t consume plenty of grass-fed meats and green-leaf vegetables. Also, if we stress a lot and work a lot – all of this can cause such deficiency. This Vit. B-100 Complex helps boost your energy, balance hormones and break through the brain fog to maintain focus all day long.

In today’s world, there are many issues with testosterone level in men and it can be, because of such (you could think irrelevant, but not) things like dipping your favorite sushi in soy sauce and having low-grade meat, which contains lots of preservatives and also have added hormones and antibiotics. Sugar (- the number one killer -) which is everywhere and I mean everywhere, even in milk there’s sugar. I recommend for those who are more curious about this to watch the documentary “That sugar film”. Last, but not least, plastic can lower male hormones, as well.

Even though, my husband and I always watch what we eat, try to avoid sugar and buy organic meat, we do like our egg fried rice chicken and our dish with miso, chicken and rice. We drink water only from our stainless steel water bottles, but we do buy things from the store, which are packed in plastic. In order to avoid problems with my hubby’s testosterone levels, he takes saw palmetto, which also helps with hair loss. When I had a huge problem with my hair, I was taking it too.


The rest of the supplements we take are one of the top adaptogenic herbs, which are a unique class of healing plants. They help balance, restore and protect your body.

One of which is ginseng, which improves mood and reduce stress, has anti-inflammatory properties, improves brain function, helps with weight loss, treats sexual dysfunction (I’m not saying neither of us have it, just to be clear ๐Ÿ™‚ ), lowers blood sugar levels, improves lung function, prevents cancer and boosts immune system.

The second one is ashwagandha, which is actually often refered to as an Indian ginseng. It relieves adrenal fatigue, improves thyroid function, combats stress and anxiety, balances blood sugar levels, improves depression, rescues brain cell degeneration and improves memory, boosts immune function, increases stamina and endurance, helps to increase muscle strength and helps to improve sexual function and fertility. As far as I am concerned, ashwagandha is a really great herb.

The last supplement, we currently take is rhodiola, which of course, has many health benefits like all of the adaptogens. It increases energy and athletic performance, helps burn more belly fat, may help fight psychical and mental fatigue, can help fight depression and improve brain function and helps lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Some of my readers and followers on Instagram were actually asking me more about my supplements, so I hope that this unreveals more :).

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  1. Good advice and thank you for sharing!… I currently use Nature’s Way products, Fennel, Ginger Root and Fenugreek… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sounds like a great list. It’s awesome that you pay attention to how foods affect your husband’s testosterone level. Most people don’t think about that, but it is important. Thank you very much for coming by and following my blog!

  3. Nature’s way is a great brand! I try to support my local health food stores at times, but honestly, I’m a girl that also wants to get a good deal and I’ve found that being an Amazon prime member pays off for me a lot of the time along with using luckyvitam.com

  4. I am so glad I came across this! My hubs just recently started a diet and was told to try MCT oil! After searching high and low, and getting weird looks because people thought it must have been car oil ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿคฃ I finally found it! I don’t think he’s tried it yet but I’m hoping we both see results!

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