Easy Custard Cake Recipe {Video}

Easy Custard Cake Recipe {Video}

When I was a little girl, I would ask my parents to buy me this one specific cake from bakery. It was custard cake, which luckily I’ve recreated myself (without these extra toppings on top, but less is more) :).

Whoever has tried my custard cake, loved it and my husband is probably enjoying it right now at his work. Yes, he loves it very much.

I thought why not share it with my lovely followers who can enjoy it, as well?! 🙂

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My Easy Guacamole Recipe

One thing that I’m looking forward on weekends is when my hubby and I take out our favorite chips, make our own guacamole and watch a movie. We must have it at least one evening, whether it’s Friday, Saturday or Sunday. When I was making guacamole last weekend, I though I’d share it with you guys, because as far as I know it’s always good to share and since cooking and preparing food is something I really enjoy doing, it has to be on my blog, as well :).

I promise you the smell and taste of this guacamole will make you speechless!

Attention: this recipe is very easy!

I’m using my Immersion Blender & Electric Spiralizer from Chefman

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Healthy Alternative To Deep-Fried Foods

My husband is always careful how much oil we use to cook our meals and that’s great, because, as you probably all know, a healthy choice is very important to me. Sometimes when I was making some Polish food for us or homemade French fries, I was missing the proper taste, because of the lack of full amount of oil that was needed in each meal. Luckily, we have found the solution (actually my hubby did) and we got the 8-in-1 Air Fryer XL 5.8 Qt from GoWise and it’s one of our most used and most favorite appliance in our kitchen.

Our French fries and as you can see, I like cutting out the potato heart for my hubby

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