5 Ways to Avoid Anxiety and Depression

There are millions of people across the world who suffer from anxiety and depression. Whether it’s a constant issue or pops up at certain times in life, it can be difficult to dig yourself out of the hole. Even if you’re aware of it, dealing with anxiety and depression isn’t easy. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to change the severity of mental health issues or avoid them completely. Take a look at these tips:

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Healthy Eating

It seems like the Western world has made it more difficult for us to eat healthily in the last few years. With the rise of processed foods, fast foods and genetically modified foods, we haven’t stood much of a chance. Our bodies need a good variety of nutrients to function properly. That includes the brain when it comes to mental health. If you’re suffering from mental issues, take a look at your diet and try to add in healthier options where you can.


Exercise will benefit you in a variety of ways. Not only will it take your mind off your issues but it’s well known for releasing endorphins, also known as the ‘happy chemical’. Exercise is a trigger for your brain to work in its full capacity. If you can, do your exercise outdoors. Then you’ll also get the benefit of fresh air and Vitamin D. It may only be a temporary solution but it will certainly make you feel more optimistic and motivated.

Face Problems Head On

When you suffer with anxiety and depression, it’s much easier to ignore your problems rather than try and find ways to solve them. But, that won’t do you any good. If you’re going through a difficult time, you need to find practical solutions that will see you through to the other side of the tunnel. For example, a divorcing couple may consider Out-of-Court Solutions instead of dragging the process out for longer than necessary. Try and look at the future as an opportunity rather something you should dread.

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Love Yourself

Along with anxiety and depression usually comes low self-esteem. You may find yourself talking negatively or believing you aren’t worth people’s time. To tackle any kind of mental health issue, you have to believe you’re worth it. Try some self-esteem building exercises, like looking in the mirror once a day and telling yourself you’re beautiful. It’s also a good idea to write down some future goals.  Perhaps you want a better job? Maybe you fancy a trip to Disneyland?

Let It All Out

When you suffer from depression it can sometimes be a coping mechanism to shut off your emotions. If you can’t feel anything, you can’t feel bad about yourself or your life. However, that doesn’t help you to deal with things. However scary it may be, it’s better to face your emotions than bottle them up. You may be practiced at keeping your cool, but give your mind and body a break by releasing the pent up frustration and you may feel a whole lot better.

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84 thoughts

  1. Great post! I liked your point about facing problems head on. It’s so true that we want to hide and avoid our problems, but there is soo much freedom/personal growth in addressing things.

      1. Entering winter here so depression always an issue for many of us this time of year x

  2. Very timely with all the mental health issues people are having at the moment. It’s great now people here in Australia are being open with their struggles.

  3. Ula ,
    Thanks very much for your very interesting remedies or tips to help with depression or Anxiety. For my Daughter Hazel none of the remedies will work Hazel is part of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety is part of her daily life, because Autistics have Rigid thinking can not predict an outcome they are constantly working out or worrying what is going to happen next, Anxiety is part of their psyche of course some of your remedies will lessen the impact but Hazel who follows routine rigidly can not accept sudden surprises or changes. It is a feature of her Learning difficulty but nevertheless for most people it will work. Again a brilliant Blog that you have I just wanted to alert you tom my daughter’s unique situation. Laurence xxx

  4. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to seek for a professional’s help (counselor, etc.). It’s also a part of loving yourself, which is your #4 tip.

    Great post, Ula. Keep it up!

  5. Ula, I think “Let it all out” is a great one. When we deny our emotions and our voice we deny our true power within. Allowing ourselves to feel is the fastest way to self acceptance. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. This is perfect! thank you so much for sharing, it feels that no matter how many times you read helpful tips and tricks they never stick, but having this post pop up has opened up everything again and I’m so grateful! xx

  7. Totally agree with you on this. For me what I eat and whether I exercise or not are not only great ways to prevent anxiety but also to stop it when it starts to creep on me!

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